Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Reveal Trailer


System Update: April 16th – April 22nd


Continuing To Answer The Call.

This is not so much news these days, so much as it is confirmation of something everybody knew was already going to happen, but sure enough the next installment in the ‘Call Of Duty’ series is posted for an international reveal on May 1st. Call Of Duty decked out their Facebook Page with a cover photo publicizing the huge reveal over a blurred photo of what one can assume is the character/cover of the next addition to the billion dollar series. Similarly, the official Call Of Duty website is themed in a similar fashion, showing nothing but the same image from Facebook. A countdown timer and a video from FPSRussia featuring a Prototype Quadrotor with Machine Gun and Recon capabilities which is almost assured to be a Killstreak in the upcoming title. No other details as yet, but come May 1st, check out Respawn In 10 for everything known about the next Call Of Duty.

There’s A Crysis On Our Hands!

As reported in last week’s System Update, we were eagerly awaiting the debut trailer for the conclusion of the Crysis trilogy and sure enough, EA and CryTek did not disappoint. Yesterday, Crysis uploaded their first official trailer for the game, needless to say showcasing story, gameplay and Prophet looking like a total badass with his new bow. It looks incredible. The trailer gives quite a decent look into the style of game CryTek are trying to mould here but of course, E3 will tell us more in June.

GoW? Yeah God Of War Did It First, Gears.

It’s been a while since Kratos covered our screens with the blood of whoever is within the vicinity of his Blades Of Chaos and it seems he shall be joining us once again in ‘God Of War: Ascension’. The teaser trailer depicts a time before the senseless killing and over the top violence that the next GoW sets itself in… Wait, God Of War without senseless killing and over the top violence? How can they even call it God Of War!? But seriously kids, don’t worry, I’m sure there’ll be enough blood to fill Madison Square Garden so just hold off on that massacre… For now.

New New Super Mario Bros!

In the spirit of stupidly named sequels of games from Japan we now have New Super Mario Bros. 2 on the horizon for the 3DS. Unless you can speak fluent Japanese the announcement from Satoru Iwata won’t be of much use to you. However, until we wait for an English trailer, there are a few screenshots of the game in this announcement that you can all go over with a fine tooth comb. The most notable of which was Mario flying along, with his Raccoon Tail soaring valiantly back into the series. Yep, that’s right P.E.T.A. you and your claims that this and the Tanookie suit is implying cruelty to animals can fuck right off because lets face it… Mario comes from Japan… I’m pretty sure the whole Whaling thing is a tad more serious.

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System Update: April 9th – April 15th


Master Chief Decides When To Emerge From Cryogenic Sleep.

How good of the worlds most beloved super solider to come to us right before Christmas. That’s right, Halo 4 will hit shelves on November 6th. The first installment of the insanely popular series not to be made by Bungie set itself up for an announcement by noon yesterday shortly before it’s feature on the Conan O’Brien show; the footage from that segment can be seen on IGN. With Black Ops 2 expected to release in the same month, I’m sure I’m not the only one who can say my wallet cannot withstand another November like last years…

Crysis 3 Announced By Accident!.. Then Properly.

Leaked by accident and then quickly officially confirmed by EA, the futuristic, computer killer FPS Crysis has confirmed itself as a trilogy. Screenshots, Pre-Order bonuses, and some sexy video of the CryENGINE 3 are now available to cook graphics cards on the Crysis 3 Website. Short of the screen shots, not much is known about the game other than the obvious. You again play as Prophet, who again is determined to shit all over the CELL while avoid being shit on by the Ceyph, but this time you get a bow and arrow, the obvious pinnacle of future weaponry. The game is slated for a 1st quarter 2013 release which coincides with it’s predecessors release the same time last year.

Share Your Energy With DBZ On Kinect!

It appears Dragon Ball Z may have found it’s perfect game setting with Dragon Ball Z for Kinect announced earlier this week. A full achievement list on Xbox360Achievements details that the player will be able to play through the Saiyan, Frieza, Android and Majin sagas in both a campaign and score attack mode. Every major fight within these sagas and users will be able to charge Ki, dodge, deflect and of course unleash their own super attacks from an array of characters from the beloved universe. The game is due to release before Christmas… But they said the same thing about Star Wars and that launched two weeks ago.


Yep, that’s right, Pokemon Black and White 2 got their first trailer but sure enough, the entire thing is in Japanese. Despite the 3 minutes of what may as well have been white noise the trailer does show the games Japanese release date, that of the 23rd of June. No official news on the games Western release plan but one can speculate that it will follow within a month of the launch in Japan.

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Preview: Sniper Elite V2 – Demo Impressions

Needless to say, when I heard about a WWII shooter making the jump from Wii to Xbox 360 and PS3 I had about as much faith in the quality of the game as an Atheist does in the existence of God. However, what I can say is that after playing the demo of the upcoming third person shooter that is Sniper Elite V2, I am pleasantly surprised and slightly aroused by the prospect of this underrated gem. You see, if I were to name a genre of games I excel at (with ‘All’ not being a possible option), I would definitely say shooters. And in this hit and miss genre of games with covers featuring an armed man walking slowly towards me, sniping is my speciality. Thus when my demo finished downloading I arrogantly selected the ‘Sniper Elite’ difficulty setting, and set out to quickly find that my 4.5 Sniping Kill/Death ratio was about as far removed as an accurate representation of my sniping skills as I am from attractive single women. Before I start psychotically entering into the guts of the demo I would like all Battlefield 3 fanboys to fuck right off because a slight bullet drop-off, believe it or not, doesn’t amount to the game being realistic… Just moreso than Call Of Duty.

The demo sets you in war-torn Europe on the hunt for German Dr. Oktoberfest (I forgot his name but it was really German). You are to clear a couple of streets worth of  run-of-the-mill Nazis, plant explosive charges and blow the good Doctor’s convoy sky high before you pick him out of the flaming wreckage. The setting is quite generic but understandable for a demo, as showcasing a unique mission subtracts from the quality of the gameplay, which is where Sniper Elite shines. Let me assure you if you don’t know how to pull of a head shot this game will be mercilessly unforgiving to you. The weapons featured in the demo (The Springfield Sniper Rifle, the M1 Thompson Sub-Machine Gun and the Welrod Silenced Pistol) are historically accurate in that they are all a piece of shit, the sniper takes 2-3 body shots to fully down an enemy, the pistol takes a long and painstakingly tense second in between shots and the Thompson may as well be shooting toothpicks. It’s that fucking useless. So unless you have the capability to headshot every man, woman, child, family pet and potted plant in the world of Sniper Elite V2 you may as well start stretching your jaw now for the inevitable tea-bagging you will receive come the game’s release on May 10th.

The demo is playable in 3 difficulty settings, Call Of Duty mode ensures a straight, narrow and insta-kill bullet to part from your weapon on an unwavering flight-path from where you shot from to the sun; Battlefield mode ensures your bullet will inevitably be affected by gravity at some point, and Sniper Elite mode which requires you to account for more changes in wind, gravity and climate than the Department Of Meteorology. This level of strategy is great for a challenge, and when coupled with the game’s Max Payne meets Mortal Kombat ‘follow the bullet’s flight path from the gun and through the bones/squishy bits of every enemy in the demo in the most awesome way possible’ style, it ultimately serves for an immersive and satisfying experience. Despite this great feature of the series the best part is the game’s grading system. For every kill you make you are given a numerical score based on the distance, where you hit the target, the stance/movement of the target, the amount of bullets it required you to kill the target and, of course, the inevitable headshot bonus. Given the amount you need to take into account, such as your character’s heart rate, surroundings, timing your shot to be muffled by explosions and the path of the bullet, this arcade style of scoring offers a lot of replayability and will almost certainly be coupled with leaderboards to offer quite a refreshing shooter experience.

Sure, the colour scheme is quite bland and the character movement/cover system could use a fair bit of polish, but this game is still in demo stage. And for a game that I was getting geared up to poop on for being  conceived on the inbred, spastic shut-in that is the Nintendo Wii I’ve played through the demo 3 times and am seriously contemplating  purchasing this game on release. You can catch the trailer here, and the demo is currently available on all systems. If they can pack enough variety into this game, Rebellion will kick some serious ass and turn some serious heads with Sniper Elite V2, because it’s already kicked Gears Of War off the podium for the game that is most satisfying to headshot an enemy in. Look for my full review shortly after the game’s release on May 10th.

System Update: April 2nd – April 8th

This week’s System Update is kinda half-assed because as I am sitting in my room surrounded by roughly 200 games, as opposed to a lecture theatre with the same number of bored 18 year olds. I’m finding it a lot harder to concentrate on writing. Yet I digress…


Halo’s ‘Infinity’ And ‘Spartan Ops’ Revealed

So it seems even the mighty Halo is taking a page from Call Of Duty’s book. Which is made entirely of 100 dollar bills and kerosene. With an all new 4 player mission based co-op campaign known as ‘Spartan Ops,’ as well as a revamped multiplayer dubbed ‘Halo Infinity’. Via a thread on NeoGAF, which has a compilation of everything there currently is to know on Halo 4, including the setting, multiplayer load outs, and even as to why it’s Red vs Blue in multiplayer. The most notable features of the new game’s multiplayer is the addition of being able to sprint, as a universal ability. Call Of Duty like class systems, and THANK GOD, y0u will now be able to join a game in progress. It amazes me that the Halo universe could traverse deep space in a heartbeat and yet the most advanced combat soldiers humanity had to offer couldn’t even move at a light jog; however, with what’s been revealed so far, 343’s continuation of the Xbox exclusive is very promising.

An ‘Incognito’ Peek At Assassin’s Creed 3

Via a sneaky pick-pocket from PAX East this year, GameFreaks have revealed a number of screenshots from Assassin’s Creed 3’s All-American campaign. The images reveal the games HUD, as well as a couple of the battlegrounds featured in the games Colonial American setting. It’s not much, but what it does show is that the games new Anvil Engine looks stunning.

PAX Packs A Punch

E3’s try-hard little brother PAX East wrapped up this weekend with a lot to show for it’s try hard efforts. The Escapist getting their hands on almost every upcoming title under the sun with VentureBeat foaming over the new free to play FPSMMORPG (Yes it does need that many letters.) ‘FireFall’. Aliens: Colonial Marines however, seeming to be the fan favourite in show with several tweets gushing about it’s ‘fantastic’ multiplayer demo and the surprise disappointment being Far Cry 3’s supposed under performing multiplayer. However, this is the annoying little brother of E3, so more concrete and refined demo’s of PAX’s previewed titles will be available for regrading in the coming months.

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JayRated Reviews: Angry Birds Space

If there’s one thing I hate more than the phrase “It’s just a game.” it would have to be the watery discharge seeping down the inside of society’s leg known only as ‘casual games’. I’ve always thought the human race could use a good culling and I think the mindless drones who swarm over casual games are a good place to start. Nothing shows an incessent lack of creativity, spark, originality and flair than a game that’s core mechanic is flicking paper into a bin. However, the shit-smeared shinning examle of this ever spreading plague of casual games that really does make me want to hop in the local clocktower with a fully loaded semi-automatic and a fully removed sense of compassion for human life is Angry Birds.The formula of angling a pissed pidgeon through the air into something that resembles a pig only in name is suicidally repetitive is bad enough. Yet couple this with the fact that this game now essentially has it’s own religion and it continues to reassure my belief that any social interaction with these gelationous creatures creatively deemed ‘casual gamers’ can only be deemed beneficial with the addition of a 12 gague shotgun and thus should be kept to a strict minimum.

Unless you’re missing the majority of your frontal lobe then you might have noticed that I didn’t like the first ‘Angry Birds’ very much, it was repetitive, bland and mind-fuckingly infuriating in it’s inconsistency. I thought it was bad enough that I had to play it on an Apple product encompassing the same values, the fact that people were foaming over it like fatties at the sight of a Krispy Kreme just added to my frustrations. Yet along comes Angry Birds Space, boasting new game play mechanics, a new bird and squirting hype out of every possible extremity leaving a sticky mess on the carpet in it’s wake. Now, when I hear the term “new game play mechanics” I get a little too happy in the pants, I thought green ‘pigs’ were flying and that there was a possibility that I could like Angry Birds Space so I took a deep breath, sat up straight and put my ‘Objective’ review hat on. Yet no amount of objectivity or hat swagger will convince me that this is a worthy sequel, the issues that assaulted the first one in a back alley are still here; the only difference is the ‘Space’ aspect of the game almost gets off on the fact that it does little to mask the issues of it’s predecessor. Angry Birds Space is that annoying cretin of a next door neighbour you had as a kid who didn’t care if they were pissing you off as long as you gave the bastard attention.

As Yahtzee mentioned in his review of ‘Peggle‘ the biggest appeal of the casual game is a simple, addictive formula that one can pick up in a matter of seconds and continue playing for days until they brush the spiderwebs off their feet and emerge from their place of residence only to find that they’ve been pronounced legally dead. In regards to Angry Brids Space, the issue stopping the game from achieving the same soul-sucking imersion that most casual games master is a problem that was rampant in the series’ original installment, that of frustrating inconsistency. I found that my first experiences with Angry Birds Space could be summarized simply by a blank stare and a slightly twitching upper lip, a bird launched perfectly can get a 1 Star result one time and a 3 Star the very next time without changing the angle or power of the shot at all. It’s like the game realized that I was one black-eyed grinning pig away from throwing my iPad from the side of a speeding train, so it gave me 3 Stars out of pity more so than skill. The games difficulty curve seemed to have been mapped on a roller coaster as I often found myself regularly requiring walk-throughs  from about 1-14 onwards, Dark Souls needs a walk-through, The Witcher needs a walk-through; a game centred in a market of simplistic formulas should not require a guide on how to pull back a slingshot.

Sure on the other hand there’s positives too, the new character design is refreshing, soundtrack is solid and there is a great sense of satisfaction when you see your launched bird curve perfectly around the atmosphere of a planet before hitting the pig’s structure for a 3 star score, but these moments soon lose their charm when you find yourself repeating the same level over and over again to no avail. In my date with Angry Birds these bushy eyebrows could have used some fine tuning but overall weren’t a deal breaker for me. However as Angry Birds got up to go to the bathroom what really made me run for the hills was the slight bulge of zero gravity levels I glimpsed in between ‘her’ thighs. Zero gravity levels? What the shit were they thinking!? Did the Colombian Janitor at Rovio run out of Lemon Pledge and just decide to screw with the coding for Space or something? This is a game based ENTIRELY on physics puzzles! WHY WOULD YOU REMOVE GRAVITY YOU STUPID FUCKS? In all seriousness this is a monumentally stupid addition to the game because predicting the flight path of small projectiles in space without a degree in Elemental Chaos Theory is the equivalent of trying to pinpoint the return of Christ.

Despite attempting to remove the only constant in the game, gravity, Rovio have attempted to compensate their monumental ‘cock’ up (See what I did there?) with the addition of a new bird, the ‘Ice Bird’, only problem is it doesn’t really do anything. Presumably it’s ability is to weaken structures by freezing them allowing for an easier break, but in most of the instances it’s used a Red Bird could simply smash through the structure normally with roughly the same effect. The way I play Angry Birds is, like most people to complete the level with the minimum amount of shots in order to seductively lather myself in those juicy 10,000 point bonuses coming from not wasting your ammo. The Ice Bird however is essentially a waste of 10,000 points because it’s always the first bird on the sling forcing me to use the stupid little twat, if it had more of an impact on the level I could understand it’s addition to the game but unlike the other birds it doesn’t feel like a necessity to complete the level efficiently.





I know this is a lot of bitching and moaning for $2.99 but with the standard of games now on the App store has gotten to the point where if you have to pay for it, it better be amazing. I understand it’s the same price as a cup of coffee but when I order a cappuccino but a cappuccino is consistent all the way through, unlike Angry Birds Space it doesn’t taste like God’s vagina one moment and Satan’s the next. This game would have made an excellent update for the original game but as a full release it just feels padded out and samey. Aspects like choosing your arsenal for a level and upgrading your birds with new abilities for a steady increase in consistent challenge would make this series so much more enjoyable and deep but unfortunately Rovio haven’t seemed to capitalise on their unprecedented amounts of income and the result is an experience all too familiar. I spent 3 hours with this game trying so hard to like it, I wanted to be blinded by mediocrity and mindlessly kneel with the masses and praise the wonder that is Angry Birds but I couldn’t. A series is supposed to maintain the core aspects of it’s original instalment while simultaneously absolving the formers issues while adding new features that complement the existing game play in order to give it the perfect balance of familiarity and new experience. Angry Birds Space did all too well to maintain the core aspects of it’s ancestor but failed to evolve, and failed to impress. If you are a huge fan of the original Angry Birds, you’ll definitely get a kick out of the new levels, but I can’t see Angry Birds Space doing much to expand the series’ fanbase.

Current Average Review Score: 84/100

My Score: 6/10

See For Yourselves:

NASA Announcement Trailer

Gameplay Trailer

‘Ice Bird’ Trailer

System Update: March 26th – April 1st

Pretty slow week in the world of video game news but we have some interesting news regarding all three of the next generation consoles, so I am going to string that shit out longer than a fight in Dragon Ball Z just so I can fill out this weeks System Update.


Wii U Has A Rumored Release Date… Finally.

After being unnaturally quiet after their announcement of the Wii U console at E3, (I say unnatural because Nintendo still believe that they are God’s gift to gaming because they own the rights to Mario and never cease to shut up about how ‘great’ they are) the website WiiUDaily claim to have been sent an e-Mail from a Japanese retailer hinting at the next gen consoles release date. According to the e-Mail, Nintendo’s upcoming console will be hitting the shelves of North America on the 18th November, with the Japanese release posted a week after that. Provided that the Wii launched on November 19th, 6 years prior this date has quite a bit of credibility which is great, but unfortunately does not make up for the console’s lack thereof. Regardless of the press releases stating the future console is better than the PS3 and Xbox respectively, I for one will not believe it until I see it, because I for one cannot see how trying to combine a Wii with an iPad can be anything less catastrophic than a rip in the fabric of space time. Nevertheless, follow JayRated on Twitter for the validation of this rumor.

Sony Confident That They Will Beat Microsoft At The Post.

A recent article on VG247 has described that like a chronic premature ejaculator, Sony are “confident” they’ll release first… Their console that is! Not much else has been announced about ‘Orbis’ itself apart from a series of contradicting rumours about the consoles Cell processor or Direct X drive to the console being based on AMD hardware. All eyes will be on Sony at E3 this year to see whether they attempt to beat Microsoft in their announcement as well as the proposed Christmas 2013 release. However the one thing that has been confirmed is that the PS Vita will work with the PS4 in the same way that the Wii U’s controller works with the Wii U; and we all know if anyone can do an idea better than Nintendo, it’s practically anyone other than Nintendo.

720 Flying The Anti-Piracy Flag… Like A Pirate.

Being the hub for console news this week, another VG247 article details several features rumoured to be contained in Microsoft’s ‘Project Durango’, more commonly known as the Xbox 720. The console is rumoured to contain two GPUs, “four or six” cores, one dedicated entirely to the inbuilt ‘Kinect 2.0’ and one for the OS, and of course Microsoft have decided to bite the bullet and added a Blu Ray player. More interestingly however, the rumors also state that the console will require a constant internet connection in order to play any form of content. These rumours strengthen those circulating earlier in the week that suggested Microsoft weren’t allowing Pre-Owned games to be played on consoles, and although still disappointing, it’s a whole lot better than shipping the console without a disc drive at all. Like the PS4, Xbox are pushing for a Christmas 2013 release. However, they have confirmed no major announcements will be revealed this year.

Game Of Thrones Game Dated And Trailered!

The popular tits and beheadings showcase known to the world as ‘Game Of Thrones’ has taken the world by storm for several pairs of obvious bouncing reasons. The book series ‘Song Of Fire And Ice’ by George R.R. Martin gave birth to the award winning HBO series and now that series has given birth to a game adaptation. An article on ScienceFiction depicts the games latest trailer ‘This Is War‘ as well as information of the RPG’s special edition and proclamation that the game will release internationally on May 15th. The game centres around 2 members of Robert’s Rebellion who will skip merrily through the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros beating baddies, foiling plots and saving the Kingdom from the dastardly Team Rocket… Wait. So, what do you think? Will Cyanide Studios RPG bear it’s breasts to win the hearts and minds of the medieval fantasy’s fan base? Or will it suffer a brutal beheading from critics and players alike? All will be revealed in 6 weeks time.

I don’t think it’d be very professional of me to try and squeeze out another ‘News’ story provided I was pushing hard enough to get 4 done, so I’ll leave it at that for this weeks System Update. As always, follow me on Twitter for more regular news updates and for my full review of ‘Angry Birds: Space’ which will be up later this week. Keep it locked on to Respawn In 10!